I remember the first time, Lyssiniss called me.
I was just a kid, Zordaz turned up to become my tutor about a year later. As long as my mistress kept out of my life, it was quite ok. Unfortunately she didn't. It appeared as though she could sense whenever I was feeling well - she would then summon me and think of something she would order me to do, It didn't seem to be that important what is was,  as long as I strongly disliked it. If I disobeyed, I would get beaten, locked in somewhere unpleasant or I got sent to work in  the mines, or all of it.

That day I had tried to  - no I had managed to - run away from the temple. Didn't get far, Just to the tunnel leading to the surface when one of her demons caught me and brought me back.  A terrified bundle I was when he threw me into a cell. He ripped out some of my hair, beat me up until my nose bled and I fell unconscious.

When I came through, I was still in there. Dried blood of the ones before me on floor and walls and mine on me. She left me there for ages. I was so scared, didn't even dare to move. There were rats and crawling things I could make out in the dim light.

And then I had this really strange sensation, my body started tingling and I got dizzy, blacked out and found myself in her ritual chamber.

"Scijarad Li'Khaij, you are all mine now," Lyssiniss said, laughing. "You will always do as I tell you, and you will never run away again, you understand? Do not ever run away again!"

I wanted to run, really, I was so terrified, I didn't care the consequences. I could see the open door just a few steps away - but my legs wouldn't obey.

"I can see you are starting to understand the extend of my power over you. . . I will show you it's full extend. Go over to the shrine of Ariccada, enter her Creatures' Room and sit down in the center straight away. Do not make a sound and do not move until I come and get you. Do it now."

I knew that room - sometimes she would shackle up some unfortunate slave of hers, to nourish those spiders living there - spiders as big as my hand. Not for anything in the world did I want to enter that gruesome place. But I found my legs walking and my hands opening the door, while inside I was screaming.

And I sat down quietly, not even whimpering when they started crawling all over me - feeding.

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1st Kill


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